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Finally got some minus degrees, also got rid of my DIY intake pipes and added some modified Power Filter pods (removed rubber collars from inside, shortened pods to fit between drive shaft and carbs and taped about 1/4 of the filter surface to prevent too much air coming in), I know it is sucking some warm air in but there is original filter box intake open right next to pods so maybe that evens things up a little.. Now idle is perfect and stays at around 1800 rpm, air screw has affect to idle speed. Screw is out 2 turns so maybe #30 pilot would be better. Plugs are brownish. Maybe I put #30 pilots in and also change main jets from 350 to 360 just in case it wont be too lean when climate gets colder with filter pods.. Needle clip is at middle position now, if I lower clip one step it is too rich so it should be OK now. I think I'm almost ready with this and ready to ride (when winter comes back again..).
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