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The only effect, that I can conclude, the rocking motion would have is on the floats at the bottom of your carburetors. The bowl fills with fuel and acts like a cup which the carburetors will drink from via the pilot jet (when at idol/throttle closed) which acts as the straw in my analogy. The float will close or open the needle valve which draws fuel into the bowl from the fuel line.
(This is my understanding of how carburetors work. Please correct me if I'm wrong.)

Have you checked the float arm? Is it possible the float arm is not adjusted and there is too much fuel entering the carburetor's bowl? Have you cleaned and inspected the needle valves on your carburetors? The tip of the needle valve is a cone shape. The older style needle valves were solid brass and sometimes the cone shape would wear over time due to machine vibration and wouldn't allow a full seal when the float arm pushed the needle valve up. Newer needle valves have a rubber cone tip. However, this doesn't mean they are immune to being compromised. I'm assuming your machine is new-enough to have a rubber-tipped needle valve

A new needle valve for your Mikuni VM38 will run you around $40. Arctic Cat part no. 6505-171

HERE is a parts diagram for your carburetor.
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