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1m cat with 156x2.5 track running around 0-4000 feet. Engine is mad max perf 999 (basically a 1000 cutler) with jaws D pipes. Looking for 7900-8000 rpm.

Current setup:

80.5 grams supreme tool weights on a yellow/green spring.
48/44 helix with red/white secondary in tightest hole.

Sled shifts out pretty fast but the motor can pull it so acceleration is pretty good, but the secondary pulls the motor down to 7600rpms in the DEEP snow. When the sled gets on step and skims the surface the rpms come back up. So what I really need is the secondary clutch to backshift a little more, but only when the track is very loaded. According to my clutch book there are a couple of ways to do this:

1. Take a gram out of the tip (but wouldn't this change the entire shift characteristic?)
2. Swap to a 48/42 or even a 50/42 helix. (this should do what I want, but would like some feedback before I spend $50 to try it)
3. Put in a bigger primary spring with more rate. (the yellow green I'm running now is 114/267 so I was thinking about the slp 120/300)
4. Put the snow pro green spring in the secondary since it has a higher rate than the red/white.

I'm thinking the best solution would be to get a green secondary spring, but wanted some feedback before I start spending more money on clutch parts. I'm also thinking about a 57/50 helix with a big primary spring. Any thoughts?

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