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Here's a quick summary of what was talked about at the LHSC club meeting with the DCNR folks last night. There's a picture of them all on the main page of the site right now. (posted that this am)


Don Stiffler - State Forestry

1. Thanked everyone for the volunteering (LM workdays 3 of them throughout the year)
2. Dec 9th Trails open in the LH (duh, no snow !)
3. New Latrines in RT31 parking lot spent Aprox 70k on them
4. Road improvements from timber sales aprox 1mi weaver rd and another i couldn't catch the name on.
5. Liquid fuels project (gas tax refund money) - Glad Run aprox 2.5mi and 45k improvements
6. cleaned and scraped the trails aprox 3 weeks ago
7. Budget for Grooming is same as previous years.
- only 2 employees currently available to run equipment
- Dcnr is hiring people right now
- Decent operating budget (not shorted at all due to budget cuts)
- Got what was asked for $$ wise from the Snowmobile/atv budget
- Funding grooming for Maple Summit and Rolling ridge (aprox 1500)
8. Grooming will be Sat 1/2 day on LM Division North - 1/2 day Blue hole
9. Grooming will be Sun 1/2 day LM division South
10. Plowing is a priority as always - grooming will occur after roads plowed out
11. Comments wanted and welcome for Latrine installations - reply via mail via the postcard feedback or call the local office in Laughlintown (Ed Callahans number is listed on the LHSC faq page)
12. Feed back in General for the DCNR is welcome and a new initiative that is in place from the top down currently. If you want to give feedback there is a postcard (i have a copy of it I can send you) to mail to them. A good way to get feedback without having to worry about local people getting upset.
13. LM ski slopes will not be open this winter. (duh no snow ! lol)
14. Thanked the 3 clubs and presidents for doing a good job with communications between all. Was a good year. ( i was president the past two years and I agree.. I was good)

Moving onto State parks - Kevin Blair representing

1. They groom (new this year) 10-20mi of snowmobile trails
2. Groomer is a new John Deere 855 diesel with a 6 ft drag for grooming Ridge tRail - Buck run (boyscout camp) - Martz trail and Beltz trail. (jeeze that's the best thing I've heard all year ! a new groomer)
3. They did some trail improvements with snowmobile money. new pipes across some sections in Laurel hill state park areas.
4. Planning is in progress for a new Latrine (heated with running water) in the winter in Laurel Hill state park. Feedback welcome on what you'd like to see there. Most likely would be located by the parking lot at the lake.

There you have it. If you ever get a chance we welcome all visitors to our december meeting. There was about 50 people there last night. Very well attended.
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