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just wanna say thanks

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hey everyone i just want to thank everyone on here that has helped me so much with getting my sled going again. it was down for about 2 years and i'm pretty sure that without the help from everyone on this site answering all my questions it would probably still be down. today i took it out for the first time and put 83 (almost trouble free) miles on it. i had absolutely no problems at all with the engine though which was my biggest concern. it ran flawlessly all day and so far i am very surprised and happy with the power it has. only issues i had are that part way through the day my recoil rope decided that when i pull it it wont wind back in untill i hit the throttle and then it sucks back in just fine so ill have to look at that, and then 100 feet from my house on the way home, the fuel line from the petcock to the pump vibrated loose so it killed, so ill have to pick up some hose clamps and clamp them all so i dont have to worry about that anymore. but other then these 2 minor things the day went wonderful. but anyways i just wanted to thank everyone for answering all my questions and helping me out with getting the perfect setup in this thing. Sean
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