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im in the market for buying a firecat also.. im really stuck on the chaincase, but the DD has so much potential... its just not many have found it yet... the 03s where fast, but as the years went on they got more power to make up for the DD frictional loses... these guys that are drag racing on black top, what are they using, Looney tune and others??? thats whati would like to know.. what are they using to get down the track...
also has anyone tried the sec clutch part that outs torsion tension on the sec spring, i forget what it was called, but its was on here a while back. it was supposed to add lots of track speed out of the hole and such...[/b]

I know of a couple of guys who are arctic cat factory sponsored. They do ice drags and grass drags. They will not give up their 03s. They say they are the fastest and they don't want the diamond drive. Instead of new sleds, arctic cat sends them new belly pans, hoods, and seats to make their 03s look current. There is a big difference between full out drag racing and trail riding but I just thought I would add this in. I thought it was interesting.

It may not just the fact that the 03's are fast, the other years make just as much HP with a 500 ft race box, but the reason for keeping the 03's is the ISR filed weights. Shilts, and others continue to run 03's with new graphics due to weights.
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