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John Dee's Forecast

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check out the graphic that shows us in the 4-8 range, but if you read the forecast it says there is potential for around 10 inches in northern Iowa
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it is snowing right now.......
i think i will ride after work
yup I rode 25 miles tongiht, lake was finally thick enough to piss around on and there were some fun drifts in the ditches
i think i rode about 25-30 miles

the f7 rocks, suspension is so much nicer then my zr's and it handles great!!!!

whos up for a ditch ride this weekend, we could meat half way or whatever.
Cat Dancin'
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i want pics[/b]
I got about 60 of em on facebook but im too damn lazy to download em and put em on here so if you got it just add luke mccall and check em out
21 - 24 of 24 Posts
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