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On 31 October John Dee published his 2006 - 2007 winter outlook. He's a professional weather forecaster for-hire and an avid snowmobiler, who lives in the UP of Michigan.

The whole text can be found from his website (here) -- can you can use this direct link to read the entire outlook for the US.

He uses the term "outlook" over "forecast", as it denotes that bascially everthing is subject to change. But it's a nice and encouraging start to our currently warm season.

Reprinted without permission...

REGION 3 – The Northeast US: This is one of the regions of the northern US where I feel the odds of a colder than average winter are at hand. Not a brutally cold winter, but one with less than average warm spells is probably a better way to put it. Last winter was not the best for many locales here, with sub average snows and plenty of thaws to eat away at the snow that did fall.

As far as snowfall goes, I believe there are better than average chances that above average snowfall will occur as well. I believe that the below average temps will cause more of the precip to fall as snow (although some precip other than snow will still likely fall on occasion). I also believe that the below average temps will lead to more lake effect snows in the LES belts of the NE US. The cold air dropping in from the NW could also lead to slightly more snowfall in the higher terrain of the NE US.

So the bottom line is that I think the NE US will see a much better winter for snow lovers than was had last winter. Perhaps not record breaking, but still colder and probably snowier than average.

Thanks John! Cat happy
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