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The groomers were out last week on most of the Island with the exception of the Charlottetown to Montague area. Trails in this area were not too bad early in the week after a 10-15cm snowfall, but due to the lack of a hard base, the trail conditions deteriorated as the week went on. The rail beds were hard hit and have become a mix of snow and gravel. Sunday overnight, the temperature rose to +4C and what precious little snow we have is melting fast. Temps are supposed to stay above zero until late this Monday evening and we are speculating that there will be little usable snow left at the end of the day. There is no snow in the forecast so it looks like a maintenance week for the sleds.:angry:
The ice in the Pownal bay area is thick enough to ride on and fairly smooth but like any ice conditions, caution is the key word. grain fields with stubble in them are not too bad either but plowed fields are fairly rough and bumpy. There is a field out near Busters with about 2000-3000 Canada Geese in it that look to be spending the winter here, so please give them a wide berth so as not to disturb them.
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