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UPDATE: I understand the caster mod does work out well for 2009 and newer Cats, No personal experience though, Contact for details on Steerlite Bushings. My original thinking was applying the caster mod to the newer cats would change the caster too much as result in a poor handling atv. I guess this is not the case?????

For best handling I usually set my front shock preload 2 settings lighter then the rear shock preload. When I'm carrying no extra weight my rear is set on the 3rd stiffest and the front is set on the lightest. When towing my trailer or riding 2-up I'll set the rear at maximum preload and the front at the third heaviest. I always run 2 more lbs of air pressure in the front tires then the rear, 7 lbs and 5 lbs. If I'm going to do some spirited trail riding while standing up were more of my body weight is forward and higher, I'll set the front only one setting lighter than the rear. It all makes a difference. 90 percent of the time I'm set at 1 in the front and 3 on the rear though.

The reason for the front preload being lighter then the rear is to allow weight transfer from the rear of the ATV to the front when in a turn. This allows the front to grip and grab traction while the back end slides around a little to follow the front end. If too much weight is transferred to the front the rear will slide out as the front digs in, resulting in a spin out or you could call this over-steer. If not enough weight is transferred the front end tends to slide as the rear tends to push you straight ahead. You could call this under steer or plowing. So to sum it up, If the front is too stiff, equal to or stiffer than the rear, there will be little or no weight transfer in a turn, the Positrac Rear end will try to push you straight ahead while the front tires just plow the ground, roll the tire under and not want to turn as easily.

Arctic Cat always gets poor remarks about it's handling characteristics in the ATV reviews. If the reviewers knew this simple adjustment or if Arctic Cat would make the changes when they supply the machine for testing, I believe it would get much better remarks from the critics.
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