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i was at my buddies cat dealer yesturday. he showed me that there might be a problem with the rubber that the motor goes up against behind the drivin clutch. i can't think of what its called. anyway, it rubs on the back side of the drivin clutch and he said if its rubbing, its like having the brake on. so you slow guys might want to check and see if yours might be rubbing. its only sets in place and can come out and rub. this rubber needs to be held in place some how with a slot and a bolt or like he said, screw it to it. and as far as ecu's recall. 4 to 5 mph faster top end is the report back. i.ll be getting mine back in a couple days and will let you guys know what difference it made.
i have 720 miles on mine now with out the ecu up date. not one problem here and no f7 is going to beat this monster.
maybe i have a good one tho. all stock here, no mods at all yet. if i want to go 170 mph in 1320 feet, i'll wait till spring and jump in my race with a roll cage and play it safe thank you.
by the way the sled that was in there with the rubber problem was a guy that blew his belt at 123 mph with a few mods.
it broke the drive unit and locked up the track. so watch out from your belt breaking. it hade close to 600 miles on it and all were hard miles. they were all beat runs pretty much i'm not trying to scare you guys from going fast.
but think and watch your stuff. it don't take much to get hurt on these rockets. trees don't move when you hit them at 100. and big ass moose's and dears are just like trees in the trail lol. i came up on 3 moose last week in maine and they were in no hurry to get off the trail and we don't have alot of snow


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