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I recently bent my steering post on my new 2007 M1000...I also bent the posts on both of my M7's before.

And since it seems no one offers an aftermarket post for them, that is custom made and stronger, I have thought about making some and selling them.

The stock post weigh about 2.2 pounds, and i can make a stock length post of roughly twice the strength of stock and adding only 0.2 pounds doing so.

I would also make custom lengths for a small additional charge ( not sure what a stock length would cost yet for sure) so if say you wanted it 4 inches taller I could make that, but of course it will weigh more due to being longer, nad the cost would be slightly higher.

I could likely paint it say orange or green etc. as well for a small fee instead of just black as they come stock.

Anyways i was curious if anyone would be or possibly be interested?
And yes I know its hard to say without me giving a price, but i would assume roughly $200 Canadian, and that would be stock, add say maybe another 20 for a taller one, or say 10 more for a custom colour.

Thanks for reading this and your time.
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