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Hey guys. I've been a little reluctant to post this but I'm hoping maybe others may learn from my emotionally exhausting experience.

I honestly thought I was done with problems after this thread.

One week after my last post from this previous thread we got some snow and decided to go for a little ride with the family. The ZRT fired right up and idled but went to take off and had almost the same problem. The machine would idle but would not go above 2000 rpm. This time it was misfiring like crazy.

I figured I needed more help then posting would do so I asked thundercat900 to help me out. I hauled the sled over there. They have so many spare parts they could almost build an entirely new sled.

We spend 6 hours on a Tuesday evening with no luck. Back at in on Saturday from 10am to 3am (yes that's right, 17 hours) We ripped down the engine to the crankcase, replaced or swapped everything possible elctrical and fuel related, we found minor things, but the symptom never changed.

On Sunday and on the verge of divorce I had to leave it, but even with me not there Thundercat900 and nephew Ryan went back at it. After a few other things they swapped in the spare stator and problem was solved.

There's just no way I can repay the dedication they had to helping out a fellow snowmobiler! and I know right now they got a slew of problems they gotta work out on their own machines and wish I could be over there helping right now instead of posting this.

On the faulty stator, what I found was the green colored wire has a contact that wasn't insulated well enough and would make contact to the stator plate once installed. This explains why the first time I installed it, it didn't work, but the second time when I changed orientation it did. The second time it just wasn't as tight of fit and worked initially. for RMstator from Quebec, when I spoke with them they said they've done over 150 of these with no problems. Well that's just great, I wish mine was one of those other 150. I also asked if they could give me a refund but that's not their policy, they only do exchange on electrical parts. I admit that they have every right to stick to their policy at any expense. They did honor their warranty and sent me a replacement stator. Unfortunately the onus is on the customer to prove their stator is faulty. If I didn't have one to borrow, what option do I have but to buy a second one to prove the first one is faulty? I'm sure they do good work but it really sucks being that 0.66% that gets the bad one. If they treated me like a valued customer and honored my simple request for a refund, I'd consider doing business with them again. They got the last $300 they will ever get from me.

Thanks for you time.


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Hats off to Thundercat and Ryan!! :beer_cheers:

As for dealing with electronics its seems to be hit and miss. I've had some run ins with guys who won't do refunds on electronics cause "I" may have done something wrong during installation.

All I can say is don't take it personally. It's the nature of the business. But that doesn't mean you can't take your business elsewhere.

On the bright side, your sled is fixed.

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