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I can't believe this

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Well I finaly felt good enough to get some seat time and was out today with my 12Yr. old son. And we crossed a winter wheat field and I stoped to cross a back contry road and I looked back at him and he was about 200 to 300 yards behind me so I waited and the next thing I knew I was going over the hood ( I was standing ) here he didn't stop and rear ended me luckly no one was hurt but man was I p*ssed. He said that he just wasn't paying attention to me. so needless to say I need a hood for the 99 ZL 440 as for the M5 luckly no damage he hit me hard enough to lift the sled off the ground , My rear bumper was in his headlight. But like I told him I wasn't upset that he hit me acc. happen. I was upset because you weren't paying attention to what you were doing and what was around you. so if anyone has a 99ZL hood let me know.
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glad to hear that your both OK, sounds like your going to be able to fix your sled, I remember reading your post about your decision to give your boy the bigger sled, I know I supported that decision and still do, I just hope that this will be a real learning experience for him, both of you could be have been seriously hurt, maybe the monetary setback will be something that will help him to realize that with more power comes more responsibility, a little bit of time in the field next to the house riding the smaller sled will help him to understand that you need to pay attention all the time to your surroundings and your riding partners, good luck Dog
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