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I can't believe this

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Well I finaly felt good enough to get some seat time and was out today with my 12Yr. old son. And we crossed a winter wheat field and I stoped to cross a back contry road and I looked back at him and he was about 200 to 300 yards behind me so I waited and the next thing I knew I was going over the hood ( I was standing ) here he didn't stop and rear ended me luckly no one was hurt but man was I p*ssed. He said that he just wasn't paying attention to me. so needless to say I need a hood for the 99 ZL 440 as for the M5 luckly no damage he hit me hard enough to lift the sled off the ground , My rear bumper was in his headlight. But like I told him I wasn't upset that he hit me acc. happen. I was upset because you weren't paying attention to what you were doing and what was around you. so if anyone has a 99ZL hood let me know.
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Hopefully a lesson learned!! Sleds come and go but daydreaming on a sled is bad stuff. Glad everyones okay!! :sure_ok:
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