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I have a six inch crack in the cowl area of my hood, near the speedometer. What is the best product/method to use to repair this?

I could always Frankenstein stitch it with zip ties, but that looks a bit ghetto... Are there any STRONG epoxies I can use, or even better, strong plastic-specific adhesives I can use? It's on a flat area, so I'll prolly use a small pice of plastic as a backer to support the repaired area....

Any product suggestions are appreciated! Thx -

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3M makes plastic products. I think it's called Duramix. You need to identify the type of plastic your hood is made of before you purchase the correct product.

This is what I did (short description).
- dremel sanded out the underside of the hood where the crack is wide and deep enough to use a fiberglass mesh (like drywall mesh tape).
- Applied duramix product and mesh and flattened the best I could and left it cure 2 days.

- Now to the top of the hood.
- v-grove the crack and use the smallest drill you have and drill a hole at the end of the crack (need to look close).
- Now apply the duramix product and run a scrapper over the crack to remove extra duramix and let it sit for 2 days.

- Now the hard part.
- Wet sand the duramix material smooth. Use a block and wet sand paper (400) until it's smooth. Make sure you hit a couple inches on both side of the crack on the good part of the hood so you can feather the paint.
- The end result is 100% based on the quality of the above step !!!!
- Now go to cat and get a can of their paint.
- Apply a dry coat...meaning very little paint.
- Give the dry coat about 10-15 minutes and hit it again...this time just a little wetter and again, 15 minutes or so.
- Then hit it good with a nice wet coat and let it dry 2 days.
- The paint Cat sells does not need to be sanded, but I did with 1200 until smooth.
- Polish with your favorite buffing material and replace any sticks necessary.

Like I said, this is an abridged version but pretty effective as I have stated above. Go to various websites on painting. It's really and art and cannot be described in one paragraph.

Scott (ILzr6)
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