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HMF FUEL Optimizer for 09 700 H1

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Hey everybody ,

I was just about to drop some skins on a hmf fuel optimizer when I noticed that they are for the 700efi , not the H1. Same electronics for the Suzuki / cat engine?

The bike pulls hard but backfires quite a bit.

I called hmf and they insisted that it will work, but I am not convinced .

Yes I have a hmf slip on, Xl swamp series. At feed back would be much appreciated .

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i know it cost more but i would go for the powercommander V instead... more options and same effect. Plus with auto tune (added option for more money) you wont have to worry about tuning it just set the AFR and it adjusts its self if you decide to do more mods. a few of my buddies used the HMF optimizer and turned to the powercommander after seeing how mine worked
optimizer is simpler but the power commander has more options as for a map you could start with one speedwerx has. if not i can see what mine is running with autotune since im running snorkel and hmf pipe to get you close anyways.
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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