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HMF FUEL Optimizer for 09 700 H1

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Hey everybody ,

I was just about to drop some skins on a hmf fuel optimizer when I noticed that they are for the 700efi , not the H1. Same electronics for the Suzuki / cat engine?

The bike pulls hard but backfires quite a bit.

I called hmf and they insisted that it will work, but I am not convinced .

Yes I have a hmf slip on, Xl swamp series. At feed back would be much appreciated .

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Other than fuel / air options, which other options would benefit me. I just want to resolve the back fire. Do I have to download the updated maps or does it come pre programmed?

Looks like I will have to call customer support tomorrow.


Powercommander it is. I will buy it but I have one big problem. I am a mac guy and and cant download or see any of the files. Now I have to buy a small laptop.

Off hand, can some check if they make a map for HMF pipe, snokeled, K&N filtered 700 h1.

This is getting costly, and I still need to buy auto tune.

Hmf optimizer looks so much simpler.

Thanks for your time.
1 - 3 of 5 Posts
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