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Sysanalyst is actually the one responsible for this find a little while back. I saw his post asking if these would fit his sled. This is the kind of deal you cannot go wrong on at all so if you are in the market for these this is the time and place to get them. You will not likely ever find this kind of deal again. I do NOT know this person selling them and I bought 1 on his last auction to assess the quality of this part. These stud type rod ends are the best you can get. The stud/ball itself is stainless steel and it rides in a plastic/teflon insert. They are TIGHT, better then those used on most older Cats by a country mile. I looked for these types of rod ends for a long time. Could find plenty of the standard ball type in high quality build but never found really good stud types and they were the loosest ones on my sled.

So, if any of you are in the process of rebuilding your steering system or have plans to in the future, I'd say you can't go wrong here at $4.95 each plus free shipping. Give them a look if you are in need. I only share this because it was a problem for me to find them before. I don't care how many the guy sells but I'm sharing it because, like sysanalyst said it's good to share this kind of info with fellow riders. These rod ends are about as good as you can do in quality and probably best price you'll ever see.

Rod ends on eBay

BTW, Thank you sysanylst for pointing these out before. I looked for a LONG time trying to find this quality in a stud type rod end and never found any. What a freaking DEAL!!

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Received mine a week ago, and they were excellent. Shipping was fast, the quality was excellent, and Crazy Leo is a great Ebay vendor. Another note; he also sells other parts like idler wheels for around $5 each, snow flaps, and other items for relatively low prices. Check out his store;

Many of his items are buy-it-now and come with free shipping. Good luck.

Oh, almost forgot....

I purchased the 100 secondary shims (mixture of .030" and .060" shims). If you need a couple, PM me as I have enough for several lifetimes.
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