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Hi, I am a new to this forum if you havent been able to figure that out already. I have a 1997 z-440.. I will have pictures later.. I Live in Maine, I ride Maine trails. Does anyone from here ride Maine Trails? I live in the Oxford region of maine.. What else you want to know?
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Well, I don't want to know anything you're not willing to tell! ;)

But I will say this:

welcome call to ArcticChat! :chug:

Alright, Heres the story behind how i got the "purple Sled" Im a Mechanic. I work on other People's Vehicals, as well as my own. I did quite a bit of work on a car, and the owner Couldnt afford it, and couldnt play around with his Main transportation vehical, and ended up telling me about his wifes sled that she no longer would ride. and it had sat for 3 years, and had been to some place to get "summerized". Well I did all the regular stuff.. you know.. drain the gas/oil and replace the filters/Lines...

But anyway, I sold the MachZ a few years ago.. I Have 3, 1972 Skidoo 340's, Ones a wide track. others are a regular TNT and olympique. And they blaze a good trail do to being light.. but to keep them running is like death LOL. Anyway, Thats how i got the "Purple Sled".
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welcome call .I ride from Maine.I was riding by your neck of the woods yesterday.
Welcome... :thumbsup:

Just across the lakes. Nice pic too.
welcome call I hope to ride up your way next year. Looks and sounds great! :beer_cheers:
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welcome call I hope to ride up your way next year. Looks and sounds great! :beer_cheers:[/b]

Drop a pm when your ready... If my sled is running by then, :lol: I'll cruise the trails with you if your interested.

Where are you looking to ride?

Northern or Western Maine?
Welcome to A-chat..................hope ya enjoy the site and the members on here :beer_cheers:
welcome call
welcome call to Arctic Chat Maine Ryder Rockerdude
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