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Heat Demon Grips

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I have a set of new 7/8" HD grips for sale. $50 PM if interested


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still have these? are they installed or new? I'm interested PM me
I put them on a few years ago. They work great. Even used them into May, as we had a few cool days. You will rarely use them on the highest setting, even below 0F. I wish that I had them on my 700 Diesel, in fact, as the heated twist grips on it are wimpy. I plow a lot of snow with my Cats and I tend to favor the 700 TRV for plowing, because of the Heat Demon grips, though the Diesel plows much better. Highly recommend! Hope not to need for a few months, though.
Sorry, I forgot, duh, gave to a friend. Planned to put on my Diesl, but would not work with the twist throttle...
1 - 4 of 4 Posts