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Heading to Valemount Feb.6th to the 10th. Really looking forward to it, because I've heard nothing but good things about it.Will be our first trip and were staying at the Terracana Ranch Resort, seems like they'll look after us pretty well. Meals are inclusive with nightly rate of (for four guys before tax) $95/person/night, not bad. Lady I talked to said she could get us a cheaper rate than that too. She also mentioned she could get us a great deal on a guide. Plan on getting a guide for 2 days, and then riding 2 without. But that could change depending on how much his experience helps out when it comes time to dig the boggans She said that a lot of the time, other groups of guys staying there don't mind taking guys along, which would be great.

Got a feeling if I get hooked on this mountain riding I'll be trading the CF7 in for an M8 next year + a roll of heat tape!!!!

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