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Thanx to those that helped

I am running 56g Poo,EPI green(105)sec in the second hole,yellow white(AC)primary(thanx Edsled)

She is pulling real hard mid range and tops out at 8300 :D

engages at 4200 or so

I was giving fits and actually beating a 00 SXr700 with Bender pipes

My ZR 600 has a ripsaw 1.25 and 96 down the middle

The SXr700 has a Predator 1" conical with 96 also

Rolling starts I pull away hard in the midrange

After a 1500feet he starts to pull away but midrange I kill him :D

I am 260 and he is about 200

we swapped sleds and same result

IMO his sled must be sick but feels and sounds alright BUT I think he is under reving

I believe this SXr should be at least 5+mph faster on Top + I have a ripsaw so that should knock a couple of MPH off my top end right?

BTW I had the same results last weekend against a 99 SX 700 + then I was only reving 8000

Now back to my problem

I throttle off and come to a stop and the idle at 3800 for a little bit before dropping to 1800

I can't get my idle set neither, when cold it wants to idle 1000 or less

But once warm it idles at 1800-2000

Never had that problem last year

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Does your sled have flatsides?
Sounds like you have the lean idle syndrome similar to our 800's.
Try openning the air screws another quarter turn. These carbs need the extra air flow to pull enough fuel for correct idle mixture.
I recall a discussion earlier where you were unsure where to set your air & fuel screws this year. Sounds like you're just off a bit from your previous good settings.

Good Luck!

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Rick when hot I try setting it at 1800 as you posted a few days ago

But when cold it idles 1000 or so

but after a run the idle is at 3800 then drops to 1800 after 30sec 90% of the time

YET sometimes it drops to 1200

So turn out 1/4 turn,is what you guys are saying?
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