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A dealer let a few of us take a Jag out for a couple of hours, this past weekend. I was with 2 Vectors, and a ST660. My first impression with the Jag was the comfortable seating position( I didn't even move the seat up). I was also impressed with the way it cornered so flat. I have over 12,000 miles on my ZR, and know what good cornering is! I thought it took a bit more steering movement to make a corner, but it could be my imagination. The acceleration was deceiving, it felt slow until you looked at the speedo. I didn't care for the sound of the engine too much, no big deal. It didn't feel as heavy as it is. The 660 feels much heavier in the front, IMO. The Vector pulled away a bit on top end, but those things corner like a dump truck. The suspension quality also felt better to me than the other sleds, including mine. All in all I was impressed, I could picture myself thinking about one. It is gonna be hard to go from a 140 hp sled down to a 125 hp class sled :boohoo: I couldn't get a mileage check, but I've read other peoples posts, here. The small tank is a turn off, Tour Buddy? We'll see next year.
21 - 21 of 21 Posts
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