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Going to test ride a Z1 next week

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Talked with my dealer yesterday and I am going to test ride a Z1 next week. The intent is to spring order an '08 since they don't have the speed seat available yet.

Anyway, you guys seem pretty happy with your Jags but is there anything I should pay close attention to as far as performance and handling when I have it out on the trail? What additional mods (and their cost) are required to help with handling?

With the price of new sleds I want to make sure I like the Jag because I intend to keep it for a while.

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Hey BRB, I'm also from the Erie area and I know which dealer you're refering to. I've been trying to get a test ride for 2 weeks myself. I was told that it had a dead battery. (so jump it then if you want to sell sleds). I think you have to be in the KLICK? They also said they were sure they wanted a T660 on trade. I would have preferred buying from them instead of our other dealer but neither is making it possible. The other has no place to test drive and I don't like their service deptartments attitude. So what are we to do? I'm still toying the idea though.
Does anyone with a Z1 have an idea what the weight capacity is as far as 2 riders. I heard total is only 175 pounds.
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