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Gas in the oil & speedometer going crazy

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Hi everyone I’m new here , I have 2013 Arctic Cat 550 TRV, Atv Im not up on this stuff very much, but the problem I’m having is a gas smell in the oil an her speedometer is going crazy , an an oil symbol is showing on her dash , an then blanks out , no numbers or anything not sure what’s going on but it don’t seam like any fuses are blown at all. I recently put in a new battery in few months back as well but the issue is what’s going on with my bike I’m not sure on the problem but I checked the dip stick is way over the running mark
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, I have not put in any oil of any sort, as I can see the carburetor may need to be cleaned or a needle Valve stuck or something. this bike I bough second hand but in mint shape only have it about 6 months an that’s first time I ever had problem with gas in the oil , or could it be a censor gone , I have no clue about this stuff , can someone help me please , 🙁
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The 550 TRV is electronic fuel injection.I would not drive it with gas in the oil. Need to check for any "codes". Owner's manual may be helpful, or download a service and repair manual from >>. Could be a dirty fuel injector, a bad ground, loose wire or something else. I would try to find a shop that services modern fuel injected ATVs or a dealer.
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