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Fuel injector cross over

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Anyone know of a fuel injector I can get at a local parts store that doesn't got $300 that'll cross arctic cat part number 3403-120 and suzuki pn/ 15710-31g01
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For the 700 ? Get an m109R
Ooh I just realized you answered haha I read it wrong...tyvm!
That will only work on the Suzuki engine. Cat used Suzuki engines 2006-08 in the 700. However in 2008 you could also get a cat built 700 engine.
Mine is the suzuki engine, I already had to look up the king quad on partzilla to find a new intake boot. I can get a new inkector that way i was just hoping to find a cross reference injector so I can run by auto zone tomorrow so I can get it put back together lol.
Yep , then the m109r will work.
Think it'll need to be ordered too? And any specific year m109r?
There is lots of posts on here with info about it. Just do a search.
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