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Hey fellows. I purchased my 2017 Stampede 900 EPS in October 2017 strictly to hog hunt out of. So far, so good. I hunt 3-4 days a week and average 15-25 miles per trip. I also have a 4-wheeler that I hunt off of, so I don’t use my buggy every trip. Don’t get into a lot of mud or water but I did get it about ankle deep in the floorboard once and the belt started slipping. It is snorkeled now just because of that little bit of water and haven’t had any issues since.
My biggest complaint is the heat the radiator compartment pushes back into the cab area. I lined some of the firewall with a heat retardant like you use in a racecar and it helped a bunch. I also took foam pipe insulation and stuffed in any air openings that come into the cab which helped. Now keep in mind I am in Florida and it is hot here even in the winter, LOL. I have a welder buddy looking at fabbing up some square tubbing and expanded metal doors for me, but we are not to that point yet. I may just take the doors off, but I sure lean on the door when I am riding. If I door the doors I will post pictures.
Because I haul a bunch of gear and dogs, I had issues with the shocks/springs bottoming out. I looked all over and nothing. I finally got in touch with BanditUTV suspension and he made me a set of springs which helped a great deal. It lifted the machine a little, like an inch or maybe two but not much. I wasn’t looking for lift, I wanted it to handle the load which it does for the most part now.
So far I just carried it in for the 200hr service and I believe it has just over 1600 miles on it and no real issue. I love the x-cab area and I have it jammed packed with gear.

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