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The FCD will have two wires, Red= Signal volts, Black= Ground.
The Boost Sensor is located on top of the intake manifold, it has 3
Wires going to it. You will need to tee into the Aqua w/red strip wire with the red wire from the FCD. Pull back the harness cover severall inches to expose the Aqua w/ red sprip wire. Aprox. 3 inches down from the connector you will need to scrap off about ¼ inch of insulation. Wrap the red wire from the FCD around the new bare spot you just made in the Aqua wire. Now solder and tape this connection. Pull harness covering back up. Now you need to connect the Black wire of the FCD to any engine ground.

This is the instructions for my FCD. Dont cut the Auqa/red sprip wire, just tee into it.

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