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I am replacing my Arctic Cat clutch with a Comet, and I noticed some differences between the springs and weights.
the AC unit had a yellow spring with A26 weights
the Comet unit has a yellow/green spring with A2 weights

the profile on the weights is quite different so i just thought i would post.
the AC clutch has "500" in black magic marker, making me think it was replaced, possibly with junk yard parts. this is completely possible since i dont really know the history (bought used)

the charts for the comet show the parts as they were sent to me, so i am going ahead with the install but i was curious if the clutch that was on it had been changed from factory.

Oh, and the reason for the clutch change was that the AC unit had a bad roller and cam. i got this comet new for $400 so i decided to give it a try

any suggestions?
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