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Man that has a bad ass look to it all blacked out.[/b]
I hear ya, thats what im going for. I hate the new headlight covers that Cat sends out. Im going after them soon with some windown tint and seeing what I can do.

Why tint the headlights when it is illegal to ride w/ any colored lens/cover in the state of Wi?

I was not aware of this. I have been stoped twice for just a noise check/ registration... both with my old NightFire as it sits in my avitar. I will look into this. Thanks for the, possibly ticket saving, information. :beer_cheers:

In some of the pics posted on the web, I've noticed some twin-spar sleds have headlight bezels with silver-gray paint and some have black paint.

I'm talking about the paint colour on the sides, between the rear reflector & front lens. The TS model or Jaguar might be the ones with the black paint on the sides.

The black painted ones are the way to go with the black hood IMO. It looks much better than the silver-gray paint, and no need to tint the lens and dim the light.
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