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LOL... ummm... are you inviting F7's too??? If not, I think you should HIGHLY consider it, just to keep things REALLY interesting! Regardless, I think I'll have to pick up a copy of this DVD. Sounds like a lot of fun, whoever ends up being crowned shootout winner, and this is I believe, the first time a vid like has been done. Hope it's a good, safe, fun time for all involved! – Roy[/b]

F-7's are welcome as well. The F-1000 invite was put out to mainly make sure that we get the awaited match up between the two. Andy, one of the organizers plans on running different sleds against each other.

As we all know the F-7 has more than made a name for itself for speed and competiveness on the race circuit. Mach's have been known to stumble a time or two against them for sure! :beer_cheers:

So yes by all means show up with your sled.

We are just video taping the event but the hope will be that it is ran something like the show Pinks with a pre race negotiation and disclosure and than forfiet of lengths based on advantage and so on.

Should be a good time. They will have a heated pavilion and barbecues going. Good time for all the brands to get together and mingle and have some fun! :chug:

RTrambler, you seem like a nice DOO guy, at least your not here talking #%@&, might I ask where this event is taking place??
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