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Here is some more info about the hillclimb.


We have a NEW Hillclimb on the MASTERS Racing Circuit Schedule for this year. It is being put on by the River Valley Dutchmen Snowmobile Club. They have built a NEW HILL for this event!

Tim Stadick, who has been a MASTERS Snowmobile Hillclimber for many years has taken the lead on this event. Tim and Chuck Effenberger have been travelling to our events from New Ulm, MN for many years. I hope that our drivers can now travel to New Ulm to show our support and put on a FANTASTIC show.

According to a recent e-mail from Tim...

The hill is built! 325’ 40 deg. on first half of hill and 50 deg. + on top half 6 gates to the top
We had 6” of snow to start the base ! Our club and I have being updating our facebook sites every day to keep up with racers

Now only can you go to the River Valley Dutchmen Snowmobile Club Facebook page, you can also go to the Masters Racing Circuit Facebook page for current updates on this EXCITING event.

Attached you will find the Poster that the club has printed. I'm asking you to PLEASE print the POSTER and put them up where ever you can.

The River Valley Dutchmen Snowmobile Club in New Ulm will pay to have Snow Making Equipment brought in, and Snow made for the Jan 19th Hillclimb, IF WE HAVE ENOUGH DRIVERS PRE-REGISTERED BY DECEMBER 20th, 2013. Our MASTERS Rules state that ALL DRIVERS must Pre-Register and attend the MANDATORY Friday Night Drivers Meeting and 'Draw' for the schedule at the Railway Bar and Grill from 7-9 CT. While we will be taking Pre-Registration until Jan 12th, 2014, I NEED you to Pre-Register early to get the club to invest the thousands of dollars into Snow Making.

Remember, you are only allowed to enter a MAXIMUM of 3 classes. We will be taking the first 40 Drivers to Pre-Register.

To insure that we have Motel Rooms for our drivers, we are also asking that you please make your reservations ASAP.

The "Official Motel" of the MASTERS Racing Circuit for the Jan 19th Hillclimb in New Ulm, MN is:

Inn of Seven Gables
Inn of Seven Gables Sleepy Eye, MN 7 miles from hillclimb
Racers rate start at 69.95 a night mention hillclimb 1 800 852-9451 for view or more information

Pre-Registration form attached. Fill the Pre-Registration out, send in the appropriate fee's by Dec 20th to:
MASTERS Racing Circuit
% New Ulm Hillclimb
610 Greenland Road
Ontonagon, MI 49953

Now the Pre-Registration Form does NOT have a 120 Stock and the 120 MOD Class. If you are interested in pre-registering for one or both of these classes, please e-mail me. Due to Insurance Rules we need to have them register on a separate form, plus BOTH parents are REQUIRED to sign the Parental Waiver of Liability and if one or both of them does not sign this Waiver of Liability Form on Jan 18th, then they have to go to a Notary of the Public and sign them in the presence of a Notary and have it Notorized. I am sorry for this, but this is MANDATORY for Insurance. As you can well imagine our insurance has gone up, and we have new rules that we will have to follow. I will be sending you the new rules, but mostly they have to deal with Signing on the grounds, who is allowed in the Pits, fencing, etc.

I am in the process of getting our MASTERS Website updated, so PLEASE have patience with us.


If you have any questions, you can e-mail me at: [email protected] or call me at 906-884-9101.

MASTERS 2013 Schedule:

Jan 19th, 2013: New Ulm, MN (Hillclimb)
Feb 2nd, 2013: Caspian, MI (Hillclimb)
Feb 17th, 2013 (TBA) Snow Drags
March 2nd, 2013: Crystal Falls, MI (Snow Drags)
(Sat) March 30th, 2013, Big Powderhorn Mtn, Bessemer, MI (Uphill Snow Drags)
(Sun) March 31st, 2013, Big Powderhorn Mtn, Bessemer, MI (Hillclimb)
April (Date to be set): Marquette Mtn, Marquette, MI (Uphill Snow Drags)


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The River Valley Dutchmen Snowmobile Club will be making snow for this event. I hope some of you will be able to attend.
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