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Engine Suggestions

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Ok... I asked this last year one other time. I am still not too sure on working this thing. I have a 97 Powder Extreme that has no engine, CDI, coil, carbs, clutches, and all I have are the stock pipes and can. Sled is in excellent condition otherwise and very worth saving. My question ultimately is... What engine should I go with? I ride up in the Mountains of CO and WY so I would like to keep weight down for powder running but keep trq and speed as well. I have a 95 EXT powder special 580 that I will have for a sled until this one is running... But I was thinking more along the lines of a larger twin with carbs. Fabbing it in there shouldn't be too hard with the stock mounts for the same chassis sled and similar size motor. I am thinking more along the lines of price than I am HUGE HP... I was going to use my other sled as a bargain chip, but with engine size, chassis, and age of it I think it would be worth more to me... That and I like to have a back up sled if you know what I mean... So I am open to suggestions. Anyone here got any???

Thanks cat fans!!!
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I've got a 2001 zr600 motor with everything you would need to run, not sure on how it would fit the mounts. Let me know if you are interested.
Any 600 tripple would be the easiest, ZRT, or EXT. If you want a twin then look for an 8, or 900, but you'll need all the electrical, ignition and exhaust parts to go along with it. You can make anything fit if you work at it, and spend enough money.
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