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Hi guys, still have the 6000 Tigre.

Having issues since I replaced steering post mount. Only moved throttle bodies and sensors/cabling.

Sled ran fine after first reassembly. Thought I noticed something strange with voltage fluctuations between 11.0-14.2wot but was told it's ok.

Attempted a run and it died on the trail. Would hardly run, display/headlights flashing and no power whatsoever.

Been running with a bad tether so removed it to eliminate. Sled again runs/idles fine and display and headlight are back. I let it gain some temperature so the light is not flashing and once I apply throttle is dies.

What is going on here? Spacers on flipper or somewhere?

Not a major amount of throttle cable play but will bypass TSS (by disconnecting plug inside handlebar killswitch assembly?? What colors?)

Any help would be appreciated. Don't think it got hot but wasn't riding it when things went south. Just got an assault 850 and wow.

~6000km with minimal maintenance.

Hope the snow is good!
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