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Note each of the following codes will have a one letter prefix of C or P. A "C" prefix denotes a chassis malfunction and a "P" prefix denotes a power train malfunction, and a "U" denotes a loss of LCD gauge communication

C0063-Tilt Sensor Circuit High
C0064-Tilt Sensor Circuit Low
P0107-MAP sensor Circuit Low
P0108-Map Sensor Circuit High
P0112-IAT Sensor Circuit Low
P0113-IAT Sensor Circuit High
P0114-IAT Sensor Circuit Intermittent
P0116-ECT Sensor Circuit Range/Performance
P0117-ECT Sensor Circuit Low
P0118-ECT Sensor Circuit High
P0119-ECT Sensor Intermittent
P0121-TPS Range/Performance
P0122-TPS Circuit Low
P0123-Tps Circuit High
P0219-Engine Over-speed Condition
P0231-Fuel Pump Relay Circuit Low
P0232-Fuel Pump Relay Circuit High
P0233-Fuel Pump Relay Circuit
P0261-L4 Rear Cylinder Injector Circuit Low
P0262-L4 Rear Cylinder Injector Circuit High
P0263-L4 Rear Cylinder Injector Balance
P0264-Cylinder Injector Circuit Low/SG
P0265-Cylinder Injector Circuit High
P0266-Cylinder Injector Balance
P0336-CKP Sensor Synchronization
P0337-CKP Sensor Circuit
P0339-CKP Sensor Intermittent/Erratic
P0480-Fan Relay Control Circuit
P0484-Fan Relay Control Circuit High
P0485-Fan Relay Control Circuit Low
P0500-Vehicle Speed Sensor
P0508-Idle Control System Circuit Low
P0509-Idle Control System Circuit High
P0562-System Voltage Low
P0563-System Voltage High
P0601-ECE Memory Check-Sum Error
P0615-Starter Relay Circuit
P0616-Starter Relay Circuit Low
P0617-Starter Relay Circuit High
P0630-Vin Not Programmed or Incompatible
P0635-Power Steering Controller Circuit
P0642-Sensor Power Circuit Low
P0643-Sensor Power Circuit High
P2300-Rear Ignition Coil Primary Circuit Low
P2301-Rear Ignition Coil Primary Circuit High
P2303-Front Ignition Coil Primary Circuit Low
P2304-Front Ignition Coil Primary Circuit High
P2531-Ignition Switch Circuit Low
P2532-Ignition Switch Circuit High
U0155-LCD Gauge Communication Lost
FUEL OFF-Tilt Sensor Activation.

This is all the code that i have at this time there may be more though
I hope this will help us 1000 owners to narrow down the problems that we may have and not have to wait for dealers to get back to us.
i am having the po116 problem and my bike keeps overheating. what should i do?
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