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Anybody used east lake axles?

Ive got a 2012 700 atv. Last week I had a front wheel bearing go out. And by go out, I mean gone. Lol. Front wheel locked up and skidded for 30'. Then BANG. It broke free. Thought I had broke an axle. But was able to drive it a couple miles back to the barge.

Once I got it cleaned off, I found the bearing had split and most was gone. Knuckle was grooved and the outer axle stub was galled up.

Being the middle of hunting season and wanting to get back running asap, I ordered a new knuckle and a pair of aftermarket axles. Ordered a pair because I assumed after 10 years in the mud, the cvs were probably on borrowed time.

When I got the axle, I was surprised that they were called an oem replacement because they do not have the push in detent ball like the factory ones. I assume they'll still work, just release differently from the diff if needed.

Ive got the grenaded side put all back together. But im going to do wheel bearings all around after season. Im sure the rest of the bearings are ticking time bombs.

When I get to the other side on the front, would you re-use the factory white cup, or pop in the new replacement for that side that ive already got? Part of me says leave well enough alone. The other part of me says after 10 years, the cvs have to be towards the end of their life expectancy.

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