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What color combination for plastics and frame

  • Black Plastics, lollipop blue frame

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  • Black Plastics, orange frame

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  • Black Plastics, ACAT green frame

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  • Orange plastics, black frame

    Votes: 1 100.0%
  • Grey PLastics, any color above

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  • Other- list below

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Alright so, I want to paint my plastics and frame, a-arms, swing arm etc. I am tired of green and black. I have some ideas that I like but I cant really decide lolI dunno So it would be awsome if you could help! If I can get the poll thingy to work I will do it like that. If you have any other ideas just vote for other and post in the thread. Thanks

Black Plastics-lollipop blue frame (type black dvx 400 in google to find it)

Black Plastics-orange frame

Black plastics- ACAT green frame

Orange plastics- black frame

Grey Plastics- any color above frame

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