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5 of us went to Chicoutimi last week for a week. 3 guys in one truck and my son and I in his truck. My son has a 2018 zr 8000 rr es 129 and I have 2018 zr 8000 es 137. Our 2nd day up there we started horsing around on what we call piston alley. This stretch has taken my 800 skidoo out my sons fire cat 700 and a skidoo 850 and a Polaris 800. You could see for miles in both directions. He did a run and got 175 on the dream meter. When he got back he said my machine wouldn’t be able to get that cause I’m on a 137 track. The 129 rr is so much faster he said. After I was done laughing I lined her up and got 178. I had reset the gps before run and numbers weren’t even close. Gps said 154. He tried again and got 175 again on speedo but gps said 151. He tried 2 more times to beat the old man but failed. He wanted me to do a second run and I said why and laughed. We had 2 skidoo 900 ace turbos in the group and there were getting 157 on gps. There speedo was out about 25 kms also. After 15 seconds w/o you wouldn’t think there would be that much track spin( hard packed ). They must do that on purpose from the factory just to get high numbers. Normally I couldn’t give a rats a$& about top speed because there’s to many variables BUT I’m taking this one to the bank, well for this year anyways. Lol
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