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Done for the season (Broken ribs)

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Ok Whats the best way to cut down a track I have an 06 M5 with the 1.6 track with no studs bang your head but anyway, Yesterday I hit a patch of ice and around it came and OFF I went with some broken ribs. I've been looking for a 141 in the ripsaw or hacksaw but can't find one (I guess they don't make them) thats why I never studed this one but after this It's getting cut down I 've heard some useing a piece of angle and holding it to the lug with visegrips and then cutting it with a sawzall. But I'm just not sure your going to get a straight cut has anyone else done this? But from what the doc said I"m done for the season, bang your head bang your head. So now we get to think of all the mods that we can make while I heal. Also the sled laid over on its left side and once I started it the check engine light flashed whats the chance of getting a air bubble in the coolant or oil lines I thought that was for if it were tipped on the right side. It ran fine for the 5 miles that I had to ride to get home but the light flashed every now and then.
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I've seen some small saw blades for the Dremel tools, but don't know how well those would do trimming a rubber track. If it doesn't gum up one of those would make the cutting really quick and easy.
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