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Do wet clutches slip more when cold?

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Will a wet clutch, on its way out, tend to slip more when the engine is cold? I notice on mine when I first get on it after it has sat overnight or longer, it takes a lot of throttle to get it moving. I thought the brakes were sticking, but if I put it in neutral it rolls easily. After that it moves like normal. I think my clutch is on its way out anyway and plan on changing it this winter, but I was curious if anything else could cause this issue.
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I don't mean cold weather, just a cold engine. Mine has about 2500 miles on it now. I think it was used for towing some. I know I towed some heavy stuff with it. It just takes a lot of throttle to get it rolling that first time.After that it is not as bad.
I have an 05 arctic cat 250 with the same issue but after it warms it's fine I've tried clutch adjustment but that didn't help at all so yeah I think it's time to replace them
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