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Do wet clutches slip more when cold?

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Will a wet clutch, on its way out, tend to slip more when the engine is cold? I notice on mine when I first get on it after it has sat overnight or longer, it takes a lot of throttle to get it moving. I thought the brakes were sticking, but if I put it in neutral it rolls easily. After that it moves like normal. I think my clutch is on its way out anyway and plan on changing it this winter, but I was curious if anything else could cause this issue.
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I have a new WC in my 02 500 and I do notice it seems to work better when the engine oil is up to temp. It doesn't take longer for it to engage off the line when it cold but it feels like the atv is faster when the oil is warm. I don't beat on it until its warm anyway but just saying. This is all in spring/summer/fall weather.
Yeah mine engages with little throttle effort. So you probably need a new WC and a good maching on the drum.
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