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disgusted w/ F7 handling

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after a weekend trip to Canada w/ some Revs, and a couple new Yamis, I have to say that I am sick of the handling on my F-cat. This sled takes SO much input to keep the skis on the snow in a corner and not roll that its simply exhausting! after 450+mi I just had nothing left, 2 50yr old guys were ahead of me all weekend. The straight line performance of this sled is awsome, suspension for jumping is great, but the body roll is just to much, if there was more snow on the ground it would have got traded in on monday!

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Thats the nature of an F series sled.

However you can improve the handling with 4th wheel kit,adjusting limiter straps and the biggest help after market skiis.

If you want to plant your a$$ on the seat and only turn the handle bar..then ya buy a Yammi or look at a ZR or Crossfire..but try taking one of those Yammis off trail into some powder or bashing some drifts on hill tops.

You gotta buy a sled that fits your riding size does not fit all anymore. my2cents
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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