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Hey guys recently I noticed the diff lock on my 07 700 wasnt working again. So when I checked the cable, sure enough the inside jam nut on the bracket on the diff had come off..... another thing I guess the dealer forgot to tighten..... anyways. I have tried adjusting the cable back and forth each way in the bracket and for the life of me I cannot get it to work right. I either go too much and its stuck in lock all the time, or not enough and the diff lock light comes on and goes off on the dash because its not fully engaging. I have adjust the nuts in 1/2 turn increments each way with no resolve. Does anybody have or can anybody tell me how to adjust the diff lock cable correctly so that it works right again? Thanks

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did you try using the adjustment on the cable that is up by the throttle?

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the differential or differential lock system has
been serviced, the differential lock cable should be
checked and/or adjusted for proper free-play.
To adjust the cable, use the following procedure.
1. With the differential lock selector in the
UNLOCK position, slide the rubber boot (A) off
the adjuster; then loosen the jam nut (B). Turn
the adjuster © to achieve 6.35 mm (0.250 in.)
of free-play measured at the end of the differential
lock lever.
2. Select the 2WD position on the front drive
selector switch; then turn the ignition switch to
the ON position and select the LOCK position
on the differential lock selector. The front drive
actuator should operate engaging four-wheel
? NOTE: It may be necessary to turn the handlebar
or rock the ATV forward and backward to align
the differential lock splines and allow engagement.
3. Return the differential lock selector to the
UNLOCK position and listen for the front drive
actuator to operate.
4. Turn the ignition switch to the OFF position.
Tighten the jam nut securely; then install the
boot on the adjuster.

Didnt know there was an adjustment at the handlebars.... i've been foolin with the cable adjustment on the differential side!!
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