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Back in 97 I was stationed in Alaska and was scheduled to go to Louisanna on temporary duty(TDY). I had all my travel cash in my wallet, approx $500.00. The night before I was going to leave I decided I needed one last ride before I went. When I got back to the house the wallet with all the money, all the cards and ID was gone. Long story short I had to have new cards delivered to the hotel in Louisanna and I was out the travel cash. I had written the wallet off for good. That spring the North Pole police called me and asked me if I had lost a wallet. I said I had but it was 2 months ago. Apparently a highway cleanup crew was doing their spring cleanup and one of the guys found my wallet and turned it into the police dept cash and all. I was shocked to say the least. I sent him a check and a nice letter. It's nice to see there are people in the world like this.
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