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Went riding one time with a bit of a head cold, had to keep stopping to clear the nose and somewhere I lost my credit card that was in my pocket. After getting home and calling the CC company to cancel the card they kept asking where it was that I lost it ..... I kept answering if I knew that I would just go get it and not be talking to them. Somewhat of a breakdown in communication was in progress.

On the other side. I work on the trail committee for the local club. Install signs, groom, etc etc. Spring time trail cleanups yield a multitude of items that are some times amazing. Things I've seen found: Cell phones of all sizes and colors (usually at road crossings or at the bottom of a hill after a rise), hats, spark plugs, oil bottles, windshields, gloves (never 2 just 1), A PAIR OF PANTS, brand new drive belts (usually find blown belts within 1/4 mile of a road crossing, probably from the stop and then hammer down rider), a few wallets and enough empty beer, soda and water bottles to support a fund raiser. Losing valuables is one thing..trash is another.
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