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Not a snowmobile story but a boating story. Last June my GF and I were headed to a Hot Boat meet in Northern Virginia. We stopped in PA to use the bathroom. About 120 miles down the road she figures out she left her purse in the bathroom....Its midnight and Im on the side of the road calling on a cell phone trying to get the gas station phone number.

I finally reach the State Police. They send a car over and the girl working had found it and put it under the counter. It had about $800 in cash. :oops: We tried to find out who the girl was but never were able to.

About ten years ago I was out hunting at are Hunting Camp for the weekend. I go to get ready for work the next morning. I realize my wallet is missing. I headed back up to camp. The first place I looked was the OUT HOUSE!!!! It was laying on the floor... :thumbsup:
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