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I hear a lot of talk about new secondary clutches and conversions. Lots of great ideas to try of course.
The new one from CPC looks very good. :
It is a hub you bolt onto a ACT sec clutch and convert it back to the old "A" type of helixes and torsion spring.

I haven't treid one yet,but we have been selling a lot of the old non act secondary helixes again,and hearing some good reports.

What I like about this is :
a) you don't need a whole new clutch,you use your existing sheaves that came on your sled.
b) you get to use some of your old "cheaper" tuning components(old non act helix) that many of us have kicking around the garage
c) it uses regular old pre-2002 style torsional secondary springs

...and D)..something I really like the sound of....A regular cover that you can adjust tension with(same 5 old holes of adjustment) don't have to tear the clutch apart to adjust spring torsion

It basically turns a new diamond drive clutch into an old year 98-2000 roller clutch and uses the old A helixes and springs....sounds cool.
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