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I have a 1m cat that likes to carry the skis a little to much. Because of this I'm forced to back out of it on the hill which causes me to loose a lot of ground. I'm wondering if anyone has some suggestions on how to resolve this. Here is my setup:

1m chassis with 156" track. I use 151 rails mounted 2.25" further back in the tunnel to take up the slack and to clear my extrovert drivers. The suspension has sled junkies drop brackets in the rear, and the mounts I made drop it down a little bit more. The front limiter is sucked in a fair amount.

Here are a couple of pictures so you guys can see how the suspension is mounted:

I'm starting to figure out how important suspension setup is when hill climbing. These new revs don't make the power the bigger cats do, but the suspension and clutching setup allow them to climb much further than I thought.

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