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Today I was going to go for a ride. I noticed low coolant. Topped it up, and fired it up.... Started looking for a leak. I found a mean leak.

By the water pump, the Motor Mount on the Right of the engine (recoil side). On the front, there is a crack in the lower part of the block. I guess teh bottom of the two halfs.

Is this common?

I just bought this bottom end used from a member on the board. I don't think it was his fault. Because I've got 100+Miles on it this season with nothing until now... And it was -30-50 the past week.
I am sure I had a 50/50 water/coolant mixture.

Is it possible it cracked from Hitting somthing? My brother in law took it out and beat on it pretty hard last time we were out.

The bottom end is a 99ZL bottom end in my 98 ZR600.

Anyone with ANOTHER bottom end for me? Cheap cheap please?

(Pissed because I had the sled up forsale, then this happened, maybe I'm not supposed to sell it?)
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